Electronic Shelf-Edge Labels ("Realprice system")

OSIE Displays offers an Electronic Shelf-Edge Label ("ESL") system that is Licensed by NCR.

We are excited to offer an ESL system that has a return on investment measured in months, not years. Our wireless RF-based technology is both easy to deploy and easy to use. The system will allow customers to improve their bottom line while also improving their level of customer service. There are no unit price discrepancies from the store shelf to the checkout line, so customers will go through the checkout line as efficiently as possible. Our ESL system will allow customers to improve shelf management and merchandising while also maximizing operational efficiency and cost savings by eliminating paper labels.

Realprice Features:

  • Large LCD area which can display messages and information and can scroll and download 16 messages through the built-in registers of the custom IC.
  • Performs self-diagnostics by continuously monitoring each ESL for accuracy.
  • Provides an application-programming interface which is well defined, documented, and available for integration with other applications.

The basic components of the system are as follows:

  • Realprice system
  • Communications Base Station (CBS) and Power Supply
  • Transmit and Receive Antennas
  • ESLs

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